Taking relationship Advice from a Dog

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A dog gives relationship advice

Dogs are the masters of the meet and greet. If you have a dog, you know what I’m talking about.

Dog ownership automatically upgrades you to VIP treatment when you come home. Your very own personal welcoming committee waits at the door. Dogs celebrate your presence with a veritable lovefest of tail wagging, butt-wiggling, doggie woo-hooing and kisses galore. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone two days or just two hours.

Quite simply, our canine companions have mastered the art of the “threshold ritual”.  The key in the door is their que to stop what they’re doing, hightail it to the entry and overwhelm you with love, loyalty and devotion.

And it’s amazingly effective. So effective I’ve personally spent a zillion dollars at PetSmart. But hey, Trevor and Fiona know how to make a girl feel good. So good that she overlooks a $2600 vet bill and a pervy habit of panty-stealing. (Note: Trevor and Fiona are our two adorably neurotic, scruffy-n-fluffy mutts. They are not the leads on a BBC comedy series as one might assume from their names.)

So, what’s the secret?

With their little “threshold ritual“, these hairy, four-legged buggers know how to make you feel special, loved and appreciated. They personify love, loyalty and devotion – just what you expect from their honorific title “Man’s Best Friend.” When you come home, you never doubt whether they’ve missed you, whether they’re happy to see you, whether they love you, or how important you are to them.

So what can we, not-so-hairy, two-legged buggers, learn from them?

Maybe we need our own “threshold routine.

What do we do when our loved ones come through that same door? Do we give them the VIP treatment? Do we get up to greet them? Do we tear ourselves away from our iPhones, iPads, laptops, TVs? Do we stop whatever we’re doing to acknowledge them, kiss them, hug them,  tell them how much we’ve missed them?

When our friends, our spouses, our children pass over our threshold, do they immediately  feel our love and affection? Our undivided attention? Do they get a physical reminder of how important they are to us? If not, maybe we need to shake our tails some more.

So now, I’m putting down this iPad so I can work on my own  tail wagging and sloppy kisses. (The butt-wiggling part…well, that might be twerking, so I’ll leave that to Miley Cyrus and keep this PG!)

I’m thinking The Anonymous Hubby will appreciate this…


  1. Maggie M. says

    Maggie from Gather here 🙂

    I love the idea of the threshold ritual. I totally learned that from having dogs growing up and that explains why I feel disappointed when I don’t get it from my family! Friends are pretty good greeters because I don’t see them as often, but I’m definitely going to make a bigger fuss over everyone who walks in my door.


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