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Summer Reading non-fiction - Brene Brown, Caitlin Moran Danielle LaPorte

I’m on a non-fiction bender. Here’s a round up of what I’ve been reading so far this summer.

Caution: This book is “style psychotherapy” and requires a significant amount of self-reflection. It totally absorbed my time and attention for more days than I care to admit. The payoff – if you put the time into the exercises, you’ll be able to clearly discern and articulate your personal style in two words and apply them to virtually all areas of your life. My style statement = genuine comfort & cultivation. Mine came out as three words, but hey, I’m just wordy like that!

If you loved Tina Fey’s Bossypants, this book is worth a read. Caitlin Moran is the UK’s version of Tina Fey but tender ears beware – she’s a much edgier and R-Rated one. There’s lots of talk of ladybits, brazilian waxes and the horrors of childbirth interspersed with reflections on the state of modern day feminism. In short, Caitlin’s stories made me laugh, cringe and think – sometimes all within the same page.

Brene Brown is the PhD friend we all wish we had. A research professor at the University of Houston, she’s made a career of researching touchy-feely topics like shame, vulnerability, courage and resilience. Here she distills her findings without boring us with the nitty-gritty research details. Expect to have a few ah-ha moments. For example, did you know perfectionism is rooted in shame and a fear of being judged? That it leads to anxiety, depression and life-paralysis when we’re ruled by fears of not being good enough, of making mistakes and disappointing others?

(And if you’re looking for some good summer books, head over here and sign up for a free 26 page 2013 summer reading guide.)


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  3. Not sure I’ve ever, in my life, gone on a non-fiction bender! I’m doing good to get through one! The Gifts of Imperfection sounds really good though! Thanks for linking up with Booknificent Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got this week!


  4. All three of these look like books I’d enjoy. I love psychoanalyzing myself and I love thinking about style. Match made in heaven! And I think I need to read The Gifts of Imperfection. I read Daring Greatly a few months ago and it was a timely read.


  5. I’m completely intrigued by Style Statement. I think I’ve heard of it before, unless there are a lot of fashion psychotherapy books out there? And I really liked The Gifts of Imperfection (and Daring Greatly, too–but the first one is skippable, I thought).


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