The End of Summer Round-Up


"One must maintain a little bit of summer..."

I love a three-day weekend, especially one where I’m wrapping up the summer with plenty of beach time, a good book or two and some exploring of my new hometown – Charleston, South Carolina.

And while my toes are in the sand, I’m going to brainstorm a “Fall Bucket List” since the “Summer Resolution” experiment worked out well for me. I have an almost childlike excitement for the changing of seasons. I’ve been patiently restraining myself from buying a couple of gigantic “bronze yellow” mums at Costco. Somehow, it just seems disrespectful to “Summer” to decorate with mums before Labor Day!

Anyway, below are some interesting things I’ve come across in the past week or so. Enjoy!

Here’s are some maps from Business Insider that show how Americans really feel about one another.  Spoiler alert: If you live in Mississippi or Alabama, you may be offended!

I just discovered the quizzes at Mental Floss. There’s the ridiculously hard “Name all 50 State Capitals” in 10 minutes one. I’d tell you my score, but it’s too embarrassing. And for all you Arrested Development fans, there’s the fun “Who said it? Dr. Phil or Dr. Funke?” quiz.

Here’s Forbes’ 2013 List of the 100 Best Websites for Women. I’m happy to see one of my favorite blogs on it – The Everywhereist. Blogger Geraldine DeRuiter globetrots all over the world eating pastries and simultaneously taking wit and snark to a whole new level. I want her job, though, I’m pretty sure it’s not an actual job!

I was happy to read, per the Wall Street Journal, that vacation camps are making a comeback – for grownups! This makes my inner child very happy! If I could go to camp now, I’d pick this one in Texas Hill Country in October.

And finally, remember “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” from high school English class? Well, now it’s a movie coming out at Christmas starring Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig and Patton Oswalt. I’m not sure how this short story will translate to the big screen, but I have faith Kristen Wiig can pull off almost anything…

And Summer is going, going, gone….

Hope you have a lovely long weekend!

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  1. Ouch! The truth hurts. (I live in Bama.) I think they missed the survey, though, on sports fans. If you live in Alabama, whether or not you are FROM here, you pretty much HAVE to choose to support either The University of Alabama or Auburn. College football is taken very seriously here.


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