Love is a Beautiful, Scary Thing

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To Love At All Is To Be Vulnerable

Love is a beautiful thing.

It’s being seen and known for who we really are – in all of our just woke up in the morning, ratty sweatshirt, yoga pants glory.

It’s having the shake to our bake…the flip to our flop…the butter to our biscuit.

It’s being cherished despite our annoying habits, quirks, weaknesses, flaws, and insecurities. It’s being hugged and kissed, cared for and comforted. It’s joy and belonging and security – whether it’s romantic, platonic or parental love.

But, ironically, love is also a scary thing…..

Love leaves us vulnerable…..leaves our tender little hearts at the mercy of people, places, circumstances and time.

When we open our hearts, we risk that one day they’ll break.

I’m just going to come out and say it….

Love is a risky business.

I know this all too well after a decade and a half of practicing Family Law. I’ve seen up close the “lyin’, lovin’, laughin’ and leavin'” that country music crooners sing about. And I’ve sat in too many hospital rooms and attended too many funerals to ignore the other obvious risks. And that’s not even getting into the untimely death of “Fluffy”, our beloved family dog.

I wish I knew some “risk management” principles that apply to love. But I don’t know any acceptable alternatives. It is what it is.

Inevitably, our opened hearts will break from time to time. And it will hurt.

There is no love without vulnerability.

But, yet, I can’t imagine a life without love…

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If you’ve figured out the trick to loving without being vulnerable, please let us know….


  1. Absolutely true … you have to risk a bit in the process, too – no matter what’s happened in the past. Beautiful post.


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