You Probably Shouldn’t Say THIS to a Woman in the Fall…

Baby in a Pumpkin and other Fall-tastic things....

Photo courtesy of Celebuzz with post-editing by moi!

Okay, I’m ‘fessing up. I got sucked into the Pinterest vortex and I got a little distracted. So please come back tomorrow for another installment of the Pinterest Therapy Sessions.

For now, though, here’s a thought-provoking Fall question:

What should you never, ever say to a woman, any woman, in the Fall?

As it turns out, Anonymous Hubby can answer that one.

You see, one fine Fall day a few years ago, I sashayed in wearing the perfect, Polyvore-worthy Fall outfit. We’re talking burnt orange velvety blazer with a v-neck contrasting orange shirt. It could be described as “Fall-Tastic” if in fact such a word existed.

Anonymous Hubby (in his pre-Hubby days) saw me and uttered the most ill-considered words to ever come from his mouth:

“You look pumpkin-y today”

Thus, you have the answer to my question above.

And so began a brutal cross-examination of Anonymous Hubby, wherein he awkwardly attempted to explain how comparing a woman to a round, plump gourd could be construed as a compliment. And as time would tell, he did mean it in an innocent “You look pumpkin-y, I want you to be my wife” kind of way.

So the velvety burnt orange blazer still looks kicky – just at the back of my closet. And Anonymous Hubby now chooses his adjectives more carefully when remarking on my appearance.

But, as a general rule, one should never, ever describe someone as looking “pumpkin-y”, even if they do bear some resemblance to a plump gourd.

Of course, there is an exception to every rule. Infants, naturally, are the exception to most every rule known to man.

Pumpkin-y babies are fall-tastic spectacles (as evidenced by the above photo.) If you ever need a pick-me-up, just do a pinterest search for infant Halloween costumes – trust me on this one!

Anyway, pumpkin-y babies are not the only “fall-tastic” things I’ve found on Pinterest lately. Here are a few more:

  • Burlap wreaths are raging on Pinterest now. And bonus, they’re apparently easy to make. Like so easy, a DIY-challenged person like myself could make one.
  • Velvet throw pillows in dark jewel tones – I must have them…..If I’m indoors all the time and curled up on the sofa or chaise, I want to be comfy, darn it!
  • Pumpkin Chili – yes, there is such a thing and there are recipes for it galore on Pinterest. Though I’m usually up for pumpkin-anything, even I’m a little skeptical of this. I’m putting it in the “too risky to make at home, but I’ll spring for a cup of it at a restaurant” category.

The Pinterest Therapy Sessions will be back tomorrow.  Click here to catch up on the latest in that series.

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Have you come across anything “Fall-tastic” lately?



  1. My husband says the dumbest things, then defends himself by saying, “You women take everything the wrong way!” lol He’s 43 and he still hasn’t learned.


  2. clayton paul says

    Well, to add a man’s perspective…you ladies are mostly right about men. We do tend to be clueless when it comes to females.

    But we are lucky enough to have your understanding on most things. Fun post!



  3. I’m laughing! Men just dig a hole for themselves some days, don’t they? Thanks for the smiles and giggles


  4. Haha, my husband makes the most blunt comments, never tries to sugar-coat anything for me! But usually tells me things are “fine,” so if he told me this I would be surprised that he came up with something so descriptive, though I can appreciate why you don’t want to be compared to a pumpkin 😉 Stopping by from SITS.


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  6. Toooo true!! It’s all gone a bit fall (or autumn as we call it in England) tastic on Pinterest this last couple of weeks. Found you via Creative Geekery’s Pin It Party btw


  7. mamarabia says

    I should start writing down some of my husband’s “compliments!” I have to keep telling myself that it’s the though that counts…


  8. So true! Every great romantic comedy has a lot of “bumbling” and “misconstrued conversations” before the happily ever after. The Rico Suave’s of the world never bumble; that’s why they’re dangerous!


  9. Haha poor men… they are often so clueless about what to say to women. I guess it’s the ones who have it all figured out that we need to watch out for though.


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