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Another year is ending…

And that means it’s time to make some resolutions. And, most likely, break some resolutions.

Some of us (myself included) are a little, ahem, resolution-challenged. Eighty-eight percent of New Year’s resolutions end in failure. (See the info graph here.) In frustration this past summer, I declared New Year’s resolutions to be “a little too twentieth century” and ditched them. I’ve also previously opined that September is the real January.

So it’s easy to be cynical when it comes to resolutions, but I’ll leave the witty cynicism to Mark Twain.

New Year's Day Quote - Mark Twa

Don’t fret about your good intentions or search Google Maps for the “Road to Hell”.  See, we don’t need to make or keep resolutions to appreciate the gift of a new year.

Charles Lamb Quote

(Sidenote: Count me in for any age-less birthday…)

And who can resist the allure of a new beginning? A clean slate? A new chapter?

Henry Ward Beecher Quote - Start with a fresh page.

We can still “fight the good fight” without specific resolutions. And certainly, wisdom comes with age and experience, so we can all hope to improve with each passing year.

Benjamin Franklin New Year's Quote

New Year’s Day inspires a certain amount of navel-gazing. It’s not just a date on the calendar. It’s a time for reflection and renewal.

G.K. Chesterton New Year's quote

The closing of the past year naturally prompts us to let bygones be bygones and leave the past behind.

Last Year's Words...T.S. Eliot quote

And, oh, there’s all the possibilities a new year brings…

Rainer Maria Rilke Quote

So how about taking a chance in the coming year? We don’t need resolutions to step outside of our comfort zones occasionally. Here’s a little reminder from Mark Twain….

New Year's Quote by Mark Twain

Happy sailing in the coming year! See you on the water….

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Are there any quotes that inspire you for a new beginning in the New Year?


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  2. I love the Ben Franklin quote, always work to become a better person. Very fitting quote to start the new year off!


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