The Four Letter Word That’s Rocking My World

Inspiration / Self-Improvement

I’m due for a new word. And, guess what, it’s a four letter one! 

Don’t worry, there’s no profanity or even a flurry of furiously flung together symbols. No, this one word is G-rated. (I may be post-modern, but I’m still a Southern belle of a good girl.)

One Word, No More Resolutions

After years of gold-medaling in resolution-breaking, I ditched the New Year’s resolutions for something more productive and conducive to my self-esteem. A few web surfing hours later, I googled upon the idea of using one word as a theme for your year. And, jackpot! Ding, ding, ding!

My first “one word” did not disappoint: bold. As in BOLD. That word spoke to my heart and soul at a time when I craved major life change. The bold year began with a wedding (already planned) and ended, happily unexpected, with a major career move and a 200 mile move to the coast. Ah, the power of a good four letter word!

Last year, I retired “Bold” to embrace “Shine” –  a guide for navigating my new and uncharted professional waters. As good “one words” do, “Shine” evolved in a more personal way. This past summer, with “Shine” reverberating in my subconscious, I started this blog and took up photography. (Needless to say, if I had rung in 2013 with a resolution to start a blog, you wouldn’t be reading this now.)

The Year of More

Now, it’s a new year and I’m ready for more. More of what excites me, expands me, and opens me. I’m craving more. More reading, more writing, more traveling, more local adventures, more connections here and in the blogosphere.

One Word

So, there it is. MORE. My new one word, sneaking up on me.

It’s a guide, a touchstone, a gentle reminder of how I want to live. And I can’t wait to see how MORE unfolds over the course of the year – how it touches me, what it teaches me and how it expands in my life. I know how I think it will unfold, but these simple little words have a way of manifesting in gloriously new ways.

Is there “one word: that’s rocking your world this year? 


  1. Great post. I love Words and recognize their power. I word More is small with grand possibility. My word is endurance because it is all about going the extra mile by staying the course.I have decided to be a student of endurance mind, body and spirit. I am apart of #TeamFitAndLean2014!


  2. mirandakay says

    What a great word! I want more too when it comes to my blogging and family. Visiting from sits.


  3. I’ve been thinking about my word as well. Right now, it’s “LOVE” (another four-letter word!) – I’m working to appreciate everyone around me for their uniqueness and doing what I can to make their day brighter.


  4. I love your choice of word for the year! I started doing this last year too and it was so much more powerful than a list of resolutions. My word for this year is Do – as in stop overthinking things and do things that will move me towards my goals. Visiting from #SITSsharefest!


  5. Nimble is my word this year. I want to free myself of life’s complications, walk more nimbly on this earth and physically feel light and full of possibilities.
    Embrace the MORE and all that this year wants to deliver.
    Happy Sharefest


  6. “Do” is a word that I’m using this year. I spend a lot of time thinking, which is good– but I can think myself into not taking any action. This year I’m trying to do the things that I spend so much time thinking about.


    • Diahann, I’m planning to be downright greedy with my “moreness”! Seeing your comment reminds me that I have to get over to your blog and comment on “She Who Must Not Be Named.” See, I can’t even say her name here!


  7. I like it! I think mine would be HERE. As in be here, now. Trying to live in the moment in order to get more out of everything.


    • Good one! I have definite problems fixating on the “near future” or the “out there” rather than the HERE. Maybe this is a word for me in a year to come!


  8. I love how you use the word “More!” I don’t know what word could describe my goal, but I’d like to try to live life more fully.


  9. softthistle says

    Great word! I think mine is a bit like that. It’s DO.
    Time for me to stop waiting for things to happen and go out and DO them!
    This month I’ve joined a gym (and I’m going and enjoying it!), I’ve finally sent off for my provisional driver’s license (been meaning to for years!) so I can start lessons asap, and I’ve signed up for a white water rafting event for charity (oh my goodness that one’s taking some courage!!).


  10. Love your words! It sounds like you have great plans for both of them this year.
    My word for the year is Build, on all the work that has gone before 🙂


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