Making the Most of the Final Days of Winter

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The Bare Trees of Winter in Charleston SC

The Bare Trees of Late Winter in Charleston, SC

Patience is a virtue. It just isn’t one of my personal virtues.

So, this week finds me already thinking spring and dreaming in green. Pinning tulip wreaths on Pinterest and watching the trees for signs of budding. Barely restraining myself from buying a lush majestic palm which surely would not survive the freeze warnings still to come.

Not that any of this will make one bit of difference to Mother Nature. Spring will come in its own sweet time.

Until then, I’ll practice patience and make the most of what remains of winter:

~ Hitting up Starbucks for the yumminess otherwise known as White Hot Chocolate

~”Dewinterizing” the pantry by finishing off the canned soups and stews with grilled cheese sandwiches

~ Using the last of the dark winter evenings as excuses for candlelight….(bye, bye pumpkin, cider and cranberry-scented candles)

~ Relishing the last days of my favorite boots and scarves before they’re exiled to the back of the closet

~ Obsessively googling last minute Caribbean getaways in the unlikely event our work schedules open up. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Anybody else dreaming of Spring?

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  1. Oh I am definitely dreading this next East Coast snowfall and anxiously awaiting Spring to really show up. But I’m also with you on taking the last few cold days to relish one more soup/stew from our crock pot before it’s put aside for the grill.


  2. Love this all of the seasons. You brought up some great points about winter. But I am so happy spring has finally arrived.


  3. This is a nice way to look at it. My husband and I had a roast for the last time (because spring will come soon! It has to!) and we took our toddler tobogganing last weekend. This weekend we’re doing a cross-country ski and just hoping that sometime, someday, the snow melts. We’re in Canada, so that may not happen 😉


  4. theseanamethod says

    I’d add trying to remember how nice it is not to have to be bikini ready every day:) I’m also burning up the winter/fall candles… trying to stay positive, but sooooo ready to see my grass again!


  5. you very words “the final days of winter” have set my girl heart to dreaming… Oh how I wish it were so simple, but it feels like winter will go on (and on and on) forever…


  6. Stacey, I love how you’ve spun the last month of winter into something to appreciate and enjoy while it lasts. Such an inspiring reminder!


  7. I’m trying *not* to think of spring every other minute and be more in the present, but it’s so difficult! You’re right, I should enjoy my cozy boots and scarves while I can still wear them. Enjoy the cold weather, because once the warm weather comes, the ants and spiders will be out again in full force. Appreciate snuggling up with blankets and flannel sheets 🙂


  8. whisperingwriter says

    White hot chocolate?! I have not tried this before. I must!


  9. Kendra says

    You listed everything that I love about fall/winter, but I am definitely ready for warm weather and lots of sunshine! Ariana has adorable spring outfits that I can’t wait for her to wear, and of course we are going to have to plan a trip to the beach to visit her Godparents! 🙂


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