Every Summer has a Story

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Every Summer has a Story

Every Summer has a story. This is how our story begins…

Somewhere on I-95 South…two people, two dogs, one very loaded SUV.

Amelia Island, Florida or bust.

A long and lazy weekend of sun and sails, sand and sunscreen.

Sunny days ending with twilight strolls on a beach bathed in a bluish-pink glow… and even later night swims in a pool all to ourselves.

With pineapple sodas and refills of Sangria.

With bellies full of paella, lamb meatballs, king size prawns and the sweetness of tres leches.

With a newfound love of cuban sandwiches and the puff pastry heaven that is the “pastelito”.

Set to a soundtrack of Spanish guitar music that still plays in my head days after.

And with three hours of patient instruction on a 27 foot Beneteau 265….learning that life is always better with your sails hoisted and the wind in your hair.

Leaving Amelia Island certain that one day there will be more trimming, tacking and buoys in our future. Perhaps a boat, our very own, bobbing in the Charleston harbor….one day…

No, seventy-two hours is not enough, but it’s a perfect beginning. I can’t wait for the rest of this Summer’s story….


How does your Summer story begin?
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  2. I would love to end the summer on Amelia island. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. My summer started with a weekend full of parties and family.


  3. Awesome that your summer has already begun. Like the “renovations” to the blog. Nice to be getting your spots again.


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