In Summer, the Song Sings Itself (and Other Lessons…)


Summer & Starfish

“In Summer, the song sings itself.”

William Carlos Williams


Sometimes it’s not a song. Sometimes it’s a soundtrack. Or maybe a digital “mixed tape” of happy and mellow and pop and French and Indie and whatever else floats your musical boat.

Below, a few lessons learned while moving to the beat this summer….

Approach a new season with intention. It worked last summer with a summer bucket list. It worked even better this year with a summer vision board that lived up to its hype.

There’s an inner artist buried deep within all of us. It’s worth getting your hands dirty in the excavation. I unearthed mine this summer, all dusty and neglected underneath the years and minutiae of responsible adulthood. It’s a little to the left of the right side of the brain if you’re looking for your own.

Art Journal -Anais Nin Quote

One of the first pages in my “Art Journal”

Art journaling is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer morning….and the ensuing summer afternoon if you’re not keeping close track of time. No rules and no wrong ways…perfect for when your newly excavated inner artist is squinting and blinking at those first glimpses of light.

Fiction is more relaxing than nonfiction. So relaxing I’m declaring all future summers as fiction-only. Of course, beware this problem. (Hint: the start of the Zombie apocalypse.)

The beach at  Kiawah Island

An introvert’s delight – a solo day at the beach…

And, yes, you can go to the beach by yourself. SOLO (not to be confused with YOLO!) Stocking up on Vitamin D, shelling, reading, beach walking and, holy yum, speed-eating an ice cream sandwich as it melts all over your hands…You don’t need spectators for any of that.

As an introvert, I’m shocked this never occurred to me before. What must be obvious to others feels like an epiphany to me….that I can jump in the car and drive 14 miles to one of the best beaches in the US – by myself – on a weekday. How many precious beach hours have I missed waiting to sync schedules with others? Never again….

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Now it’s your turn…..what did you learn this summer?

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  1. A great list! I have never been to the beach by myself but, as a fellow introvert, it sounds amazing.


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