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The art of the doodle - The Anonymous Blonde

There’s a sweet spot…

It’s where the head meets the hand. Where the details meet the big picture. Where the mind plays and the hand glides in ballet moves across the page.

You can spend an hour or two or three in this sweet spot, utterly oblivious to social media, email and the 24 hour news cycle. You’re focused, relaxed, content.

How do you find this sweet, sweet spot?

You doodle.

That’s right, we’re talking about doodling.

Remember everyone is creative. And everyone can doodle. Even if we can’t draw, we can doodle. Even Type A left-brainers like yours truly.

Doodling doesn’t require artistic ability. Don’t worry if you can’t draw faces, people, landscapes and animals. If you can draw lines and basic shapes, you can doodle. Doodling is simply repeating lines, shapes and patterns. The beauty is in the simplicity.

If you’ve never doodled, give it a try.

photo 2-29

Start simple. Just a black pen and some paper. Pick one to two lines or shapes and repeat them.

Black &  White Doodle

 Then start incorporating a few more lines, shapes and patterns. Repeat some more.

Multi-colored Doodle

And, if you’re feeling frisky, experiment with some color. A little or a lot – there’s no right or wrong.

The more you play around, the better it gets.

Before you know it, the world is a nicer place. Tension and stress disappear, replaced with a laser-like focus and concentration. Unconsciously, you’re meditating while you’re creating.

The evidence of your creativity is right there, on the page, before your eyes.

And, you start to hear that wee little voice. And that wee little voice is whispering “create more.”

So how about it? Do you doodle?

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