The Anonymous Blonde

Hi there!

I’m Stacey, a lawyer with years of experience airing other people’s dirty laundry in Family Court.

At least that’s what my resume says, but in slightly more professional terms.

But who am I really?

I’m that girl with unrealized dreams…big, heady dreams to write best-selling books and erudite essays. Dreams that slumbered while life happened….law school, weddings, bills, divorce, full dockets, appellate court briefs, Netflix, bad hair days, the gigantic rabbit hole we call internet…blah, blah, blah….insert a thousand excuses here.

Then one day I realized….

Life is short….

“One day” and “someday” may never come….

You can dream about writing, read about writing and talk about writing. You can buy flow-y pens, pretty notebooks and lots of apps and courses and software….but eventually, you must write. Write as in pen to paper, hands to keyboard….with words. Lots of words, strung together in sentences that form paragraphs.

So here I am writing…notes on reading, writing, creating, exploring, and celebrating…notes on everyday adventures and the occasional grand adventure…notes on seizing the day, the moment, the season, the year. 

This blog is the kindling that starts the fire. The proverbial fire under my behind, the heat I unfortunately require to write something other than orders, motions and briefs.

Maybe one day you’ll be reading one of my essays in the Modern Love section of the New York Times. But for now, welcome to my blog. I’m happy you’re here.

Let’s be friends.

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Email: stacey@theanonymousblonde.com



  1. Wow, so many of the things you wrote resonate with me! “self-indulgent introspection” the Thoreau quote, vast bodies of water, good food! Happy to have stumbled across your blog 🙂 I found it through the Anais quotes, that’s how I know I like how you think!



  2. vanessa says

    great blog love the title…. here in the great vacation city of Charleston SC….. about to start bloggin….. trying to find the right name… and I know the rest will come…. cheers


  3. Hey there – – thanks for following me so I could retrace the breadcrumbs and find….well – – ALL of this. Wow. Just Wow! You’ve done remarkable things here. I love your sense of humor too, as evidenced with why you’re anonymous. Looking forward to much more exploration.


  4. I can’t take my eyes off of your blog header, I love it! I think your page is great and you sound real down-to-earth and fun, which I think is important because the word “lawyer” is so intimidating! Thanks for stopping by my blog for Blogtober 🙂


  5. BonBonsforBreakfast says

    Ok……so I think you’re awesome! Visiting here from TheSITSgirls. Love your blog posts and content…so refreshing from the usual mom blogs! I can’t wait to explore your site more! P.S. I wish you lived closer 🙂


    • Thanks! I have the feeling we’d be soul sisters. I like chocolate cake for breakfast, too! I have a rather unladylike appetite for chocolate cake and unfortunately, the waistline to prove it! Lucky you getting to spend a month in France! You’ll have to blog more about it. People like me are living vicariously through your travels! And seriously, can I steal your motto. “Life, love and the pursuit of chocolate” is brilliant!


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