Therapy by Pinterest…

31 Days of Pinterest Therapy Sessions

Why pay for therapy when you can have advice summoned up in a pinterest worthy graphic? Welcome to the “Pinterest Therapy Sessions”. The “Pinner” is in…

Scroll down for the Intro.

Here are the other “sessions”:

 Life isn’t always Pinterest-Perfect.

That’s an understatement, I know.

Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes it’s downright disagreeable. Sometimes it’s a riddle that we can’t quite solve. And sometimes, it just plain passes us by.

We can’t always have our cake and eat it too. And that’s, well, kind of a bummer! And when you’re bummed, you need a little something.

And that’s where Pinterest comes in!

It’s the mother lode of inspiration and advice – all of it distilled into pithy sayings and quotes with colorful backgrounds and jazzy images. It’s like a visual, aesthetically gourmet chicken soup for the soul. It’s eye candy with high IQ. It’s like therapy, but no one is charging you $150-$200 for 50 minutes and calling it an hour.

Pinterest is a gold mine, people! Full of nuggets of wisdom and insight, if you can just stay away from all the hyper-organized and anal-retentive approved closets, the dream bathrooms the size of South Dakota and “easy” Baked Alaska and Pumpkin Roulade recipes.

Cue the drum roll….

Now let the Pinterest Therapy Sessions begin!

I’m going in there and I’m going to come out a gazillion pins later with all the best life advice and insight that Pinterest has to offer! And I might also end up finding my ridiculously crafty side and knowing 1001 things to do with Mason Jars. Who knows? Worse things could happen.

This is going to get very pinteresting!

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Pinterest Therapy Sessions



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  6. Love this idea. Pinterest can definitely be therapeutic! Although I am a Pinterest addict so I think I need therapy for my Pinterest therapy! LOL

    Thanks for sharing at Wine’d Down Wednesday! I am pinning this onto our new WDW Pinterest Board. Hope to see you back again next week!


  7. I agree with the others, I’m interested to see where this goes. I’ve read your first post about worry is an over active imagination and I really liked your perspective. Looking forward to seeing the rest!


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  10. Fun idea!!! I love pinterest but definitely don’t let it run my life! haha. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks for linking with us for WDW!


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  13. I love Pinterest. I ge a chuckle out of women who go on there and take it so seriously and just make a bunch of extra work and stress for themselves by pinning all this stuff that they want to make, cook, design, and whatever. Not me! I just go on there and pin all the pretty pictures. I’m much more interested in finding cool stuff and making interesting boards from it than I am in adding to my work load and guilt level. Although I have to say, I’ve gotten an amazing amount of traffic from Pinterest from the blog posts I pin. To me, that’s just a side benefit of it. #SITSSharefest


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  17. 1epicmommy says

    I’m already intrigued…I look forward to seeing how it all turns out!

    Thanks for linking up on Turn It Up Tuesdays…we love having you! 🙂


  18. Make sure you leave some breadcrumbs – you’ll want to find your way back out!

    Well, even if you do get lost in Pinterest, you’ll have something to eat, find a unique way to make use of the odds ‘n’ sods, make your bed up beautifully, and find a source of laughter, dry, wry or otherwise, to keep you occupied. 🙂


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